Taste of Siberia that you have never experienced before!

Pielmeni are dumplings of Siberian cuisine and they are part of local inhabitants’ legacy.  Every family in Siberia has own recipe that has been passed from generation to generation.

Tradition recipe from our Grandmother

The climate of Siberia has never been mild and did not favor arable crops. Therefore, the Pielmeni recipe is very simple, and it consists of flour, eggs, water and available sorts of meat. In winter, the legendary Siberian Frosts appeared as a natural preservative, which allows to enjoy the taste for a long time. In summer, however, Pielmeni were kept in permafrost fissures.

Pielmeni belonged to the must-haves of hunters who went on hunting for weeks. Pielmeni could be prepared quick and easy, on a fire in a pot of water by adding only a pinch of salt in 5 minutes.

Carefully prepared

We prepare Pielmeni according to a carefully selected recipe, then we freeze and pack it, maintaining all the highest requirements so that you receive the highest quality product.

How to cook Pielmeni at home? Put frozen Pielmeni in 3 Liter of boiling salt water. Bring dumplings to boil briefly until they rise to surface. Allow to simmer on a moderate heat for about 6-7 minutes more. Remove the Pielmeni using a skimmer and serve hot with flakes of butter or sour cream.

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